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Argo Tractors shift gears to focus on sustainability in their Fabbrico factory

Argo Tractors, the Italian multinational manufacturer of Landini, McCormick, and Valpadana tractors, continues its move toward a more sustainable business aimed at compliance with stringent ethical standards.

The latest intervention is the connection to the grid of a solar power system installed above the production site in Fabbrico, in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy. The panels, which cover only a portion of the total factory area, will provide a production capacity of 2,200,000 kWh per year when fully operational. The operation, which was completed in just a few months, resulted in the installation of 3,104 solar panels with an output of 1,691 kWh.

“Argo Tractors continues to do its part to protect the environment”, explained Antonio Salvaterra, Marketing Director, “and in this case it is an investment that fits with our interpretation of sustainability. And we do not intend to stop here: in fact, a similar operation is being studied that will affect the plant in San Martino in Rio (RE) with plans to lay 1,024 panels to ensure an annual energy production capacity of 750,000 kWh. This is in line with the larger investments in R&D, amounting to 5.5% of annual turnover, which result in the introduction of new technologies that not only facilitate human labour but also reduce process and product costs. We have always been attentive to these issues and include them in any reflections that anticipate strategic choices”.

Also part of this far-reaching eco-friendly programme are: the WaterWall project conceived to significantly reduce the use of oils through a regeneration process of cooling lubricants and also the exclusive use of water-soluble paints, which have replaced traditional solvent-based paints since the early 2000s, while maintaining a high quality standard.

Not forgetting the Landini REX4 Electra prototypes, presented in 2020, and the Landini REX4 Full Hybrid, in 2022: two solutions that illustrate the interpretation of sustainable technology in both environmental and industrial terms.

The REX4 Full Hybrid is energy-saving and fully electrically powered, including hydraulic pumps and operator-controlled cab air conditioning. REX4 Electra, on the other hand, is primarily focused on driving comfort and manoeuvrability, combined with energy savings through energy recovery during deceleration and braking.

These are two products in the prototype stage aiming to broaden the horizon of an already very wide product range tailored to the needs of more modern and sustainable agriculture.


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