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Autoguru Instant Offer Frequently Asked Questions

What vehicles do Autoguru make instant offers on?

We make offers on vehicles under 10 years of age and with less than 200,000km

How does the process work?

Our goal is to make selling your car as easy as possible. If you opt to receive an offer from our trusted buying partner when listing your vehicle, you should receive an offer within 2 hours (during business hours). This offer is valid for 7 days. If you are happy with the offer, simply reply to the message to accept, or ask further questions if you have any. After this, Autoguru will place a deposit to secure your vehicle & one of Autoguru’s purchasing team will phone you to confirm some vehicle details, schedule an inspection & collection appointment at a time that is convenient for you & to discuss payment terms. This deposit is held by DoneDeal until the transaction is complete.

What happens after I accept an offer?

After you accept your offer, Autoguru will place a deposit to secure your vehicle. Next, one of Autoguru’s purchasing team will phone you to confirm some vehicle details, schedule an inspection & collection appointment at a time that is convenient for you & to discuss payment terms. This deposit is held by DoneDeal until the transaction is complete.

During the appointment, an Autoguru technician will inspect your vehicle to ensure it is as described and without major mechanical or cosmetic defects. Once satisfied, instant payment will be made, transfer of ownership will occur & the technician will take the vehicle away. We aim to collect all vehicles within 3 business days after the offer has been accepted.

How long is the offer valid for?

Offers are valid for 7 days.

How quickly can I sell my car?

You can expect an offer for your vehicle within 2 hours (during business hours). Once you accept the offer, Autoguru aim to collect your vehicle within 3 working days.

How is my offer calculated?

Your offer is calculated based on the trade value of your vehicle. This calculation takes the most recent market data into consideration - retail, trade & auction data are all combined with a professional assessment of your vehicle to ensure an accurate & fair offer.

Why is the offer much lower than what I see similar cars advertised for?

Your offer may be lower than what you see similar cars advertised for. This difference is to allow for the dealership’s margin. When selling a used vehicle, dealers must allow for a number of expenses before your vehicle can be retail ready on their forecourt. These can include:

  • Overheads - The dealer’s physical premises, rates, light, heat & insurance

  • Staff - Salespeople, mechanics, valeters & more

  • Servicing, valeting & any repairs your vehicle may need

  • NCT costs & any associated repairs

  • Marketing & listing fees

  • Warranty - a dealer will have to stand over your vehicle for a set period of time.

  • VAT & taxes must be paid & accounted for when selling a used vehicle.

Are offers conditional?

Yes, our offers are made subject to inspection by an Autoguru technician. We make our offers based on the pictures and details provided in your DoneDeal listing. If undeclared issues are found, your offer may be withdrawn or recalculated.

How is payment made?

Payment is made instantly by bank transfer once the Autoguru technician is satisfied. Alternative methods may be available upon request.

What payment options are available?

Bank Transfer is our preferred method of payment. However, in a limited number of circumstances, we may be able to offer cheque, bank draft or cash.

Are there any fees associated with selling my vehicle to Autoguru?

No, there are no fees. The offer you accept is the amount you will receive.

What do I need to do to prepare for my inspection/collection appointment?

All you have to do is ensure that both you and your vehicle are at the agreed location at the agreed time. You will also need a valid form of I.D. and the vehicle’s log book. And remember to remove any personal belongings from the vehicle, including your insurance disc.

Where does the inspection/collection appointment happen?

This can be done anywhere that is convenient for you. Typically we find that at home or at work are the most common locations.

How long is the inspection/collection appointment?

The inspection/collection process takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

What happens during the inspection/collection appointment?

Once the Autoguru technician arrives, they will begin the inspection process. Your vehicle will be assessed mechanically, structurally & cosmetically. The technician will also take your vehicle on a 5km fully insured test drive. If the inspection is successful, your I.D. and the vehicle documents will be verified. Approval will then be sent to Autoguru’s purchasing team who will initiate payment,

What happens to my log book / How is ownership transferred?

Ownership is transferred electronically as soon as the Autoguru technician collects your vehicle. The technician will also take possession of your log book & provide you with a RF105 form.

What happens to my car after it’s collected?

Your vehicle will be transferred to a used car dealer who will prepare it for resale.

Will I have to haggle when you come to see the car?

No, we aim to make the selling experience as straightforward as possible. The offer you accept is what you receive, provided your vehicle is as described and free from any major mechanical or cosmetic defects. If an issue is identified by an Autoguru technician that was not declared, Autoguru’s purchasing team will be notified and your offer will be recalculated accordingly.

Can you pay off my finance / Can I sell a car with finance outstanding?

Yes, just let us know that you have finance outstanding when you accept your offer. We can pay the finance company directly and the remaining balance to you.

Can I sell a car with no NCT?

Yes, we will purchase your vehicle without a valid NCT. This will be accounted for when your offer is calculated.

Can I sell a car with no Road Tax?

Yes, we can purchase and transport vehicles without valid Road Tax.

Can I sell a vehicle registered in the UK?

No, unfortunately we only make offers for vehicles registered in the Republic of Ireland

Can I sell a vehicle that’s written off or has a mileage discrepancy?

Unfortunately not, Autoguru does not purchase vehicles that are written off, categorised or have a mileage discrepancy.

I’m a dealer/trader, can I sell my vehicle to Autoguru?

Unfortunately not. We are only making offers on vehicles from private sellers.


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