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Buying a new car in 2022?

The team at Spirit Motor Group share some expert tips for doing it the smart way.

Alan Moore, Managing Director at Spirit Motor Group shares his advice for anyone buying a brand new car.

After a turbulent couple of years, all signs are pointing towards 2022 being a key year once again for car sales with demand potentially returning to pre-pandemic levels according to SIMI.

As you might be aware, global production constraints are affecting new vehicle supply for some manufactures. This means that many are choosing to go with a used car, and while this might be a good option for some, we think now is the perfect time to buy the new car of your dreams.

Choosing to buy a new car comes with some benefits over choosing a used model. New technologies, advancements in reducing emissions and other up to date features have made new vehicles an excellent choice. Read on for some tips on buying new…

1. Think about trading in: In many circumstances, now is a great time to buy a car because of fantastic trade-in values due to dealers being keen to refill their stock levels. So make sure to check with the dealership about the option to trade in against your new purchase.

2. Visit the dealership: Many car buyers and dealers have embraced digital, but this doesn’t mean that a physical visit should be ruled out. Speaking to a dealership team in-person can be great as they can help guide you on potential savings, offers and trade in options, as well as alternatives that you might not have considered. Newer technologies may also have been introduced since your last purchase, so the team will be able to ensure you’re up to speed.

3. Think ahead about fuel options: This is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. Make sure to weigh up what you will be doing in terms of mileage before making your decision. Don’t disregard one option over another based purely on cost. There is a growing number of full electric and hybrid vehicles coming into the market from brands alongside their current petrol and diesel offering. Speak to the sales team about your needs and make sure to have a good understanding of what your new car will be doing before you start the process. 4. Build your dream car: If you are uncertain what features, colour or trim you want on your new car just visit the manufacturer website. Many have vehicle configurators that allow you to spec your dream car, so you have something to bring with you on your visit to the dealership.

5. Factor in extra costs: Make sure to factor in the day to day running costs of your new purchase in terms of car tax, fuelling, EV charging costs and insurance. These can sometimes be unintentionally forgotten when working out the potential car costs. If you have a growing family make sure to consider how many ISOFIX points and additional seats you might need.

6. Check for savings: Most manufacturers and dealers offer savings on option packages as well as service plans which allow you to bundle features together resulting in some additional savings.

7. Consider finance: There are plenty of different ways for you to cover the cost of your new car with bank loans, credit union loans, PCP, HP and leasing options available. So, make sure to ask the dealership what they think works best for you. Most dealerships and manufacturers list current offers on their site so make sure to check these before beginning your journey.

8. Check the lead time: As already mentioned, there are global production constraints affecting some manufacturers and models so make sure to get as much information as possible from the sales team in relation to delivery times as you can.

9. Order ASAP: Lead times are caused by production delays so make sure if you are planning on changing your car inside a certain timeframe, such as before its next NCT, that you order ahead. The lead time information might also be helpful if you decide to sell your car privately.

10. And finally… be patient: Manufacturers and dealers have worked hard to ensure that many of their key models are available. But if you require something bespoke in terms of features or options there might be a delay. Always check with your dealer as in most cases the car you desire is available but there might be a longer than usual delay.

Buying a new car is an important decision. Having a strong understanding of what you need it to do for you in terms of mileage and cost savings is vital to ensure you are getting the maximum value.


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