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Citroën e-C4X (2023 Review)

Written by Justin Delaney, an Independent Reviewer, Journalist, and Motor expert.

Madrid was to be the chosen city for the recent launch of the new Citroën ë-C4 X model. With this vehicle the brand is taking the bold step of offering only the all-electric ë-C4 X model in many of its European markets including Ireland. They already see the strong uptake of electric vehicles here over the last few years and with that in mind they have hedged their bets on electricity only for this particular C4X. Built exclusively in Europe for all markets at the Stellantis Villaverde manufacturing facility in Madrid this new e-C4X keeps it’s French flair now made greater by a little Spanish flavour. The styling is clean with lines that draw your eye to that lovely slope back rear three-quarter. The latest LED lighting is used both up front and to the rear and the Citroën badge has been modernised for a fresh new look. With its 100 kW powertrain and up to 360 km WLTP range Citroën are confident the ë-C4 X will be the only all-electric car to offer a combination of design, comfort and saloon car spaciousness in the mainstream mid-sized market. Few in this segment can offer can offer the likes of a 510-litre boot volume and cabin space comfortable enough for four adults to drive, or be driven in!


Inside Citroën prioritised the driver ensuring access to clear and intuitive operating interfaces that are easy to read, easy to understand and easy to use. When seated in the driver seat you get a dedicated readout on the digital instrument panel to view the battery status or range, as well as a choice of three displays: power indicator, energy flow or heat comfort consumption. The latter makes it possible to view the impact of in-car heating and temperature comfort on energy use. By pressing a button on the centre console or direct on the 10-inch HD touchscreen interface, specific pages show the system's operating status or the settings for delayed battery charging so you can avail of cheaper charging rates. When the vehicle is charging, the screen can show the remaining time required to achieve a full charge, the range recovered or the recovered battery charge percentage. It really is a clever and intuitive system to use.

Getting down to what Citroën is most famed for and we must talk about ride quality and the gentle suspension system combined with soft Advanced Comfort seats. It is sublime to do mileage in and after spending a few hours driving around Madrid its not just the comfort but the lack of engine noise and vibration inside that makes it so nice to drive. As expected all the connected services such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available although for once we found ourselves using the in built navigation such was the quality of the 3D maps throughout the busy Spanish city. Citroën now class this as their ë-Comfort commitment to customers delivering accessible electric driving with zero CO2 emissions to meet their environmental and ecological expectations. They want Irish drivers to enjoy zero noise, zero fumes, zero vibrations, jolts and gear changes. Remotely programmable e-services for peace-of-mind and reduced maintenance bills to minimise the cost of ownership are also available.


So where is the power coming from and how quick will it take a charge? Well, the ë-C4 X gets a 100 kW electric powertrain with 136hp and 260 Nm of torque that is instantly available. Expect the 0-100 km/h dash to be completed in 9.5 seconds when in Sport mode and a top speed of 150 km/h is possible on a suitable stretch of the Autobahn of course! The 50 kWh battery pack is rated as a high-voltage 400 V Li-ion and regenerative braking enables the driver to partially recharge the battery and increase range while on the move by amplifying the deceleration of the car without pressing the brake pedal, recovering energy that would otherwise be lost. Roughly 80% of battery charge can be received in 30 minutes at an Ionity fast charger. Three driving modes are available to include Eco, Normal or Sport all activated by the mode selector in the centre console. We found Normal mode had enough grunt to make overtakes but also relatively easy on battery consumption during our test drive.


The Citroën ë-C4 X joins the latest-generation C4, C5 Aircross and C5 X models in offering customers a truly comprehensive driver assistance and safety package. There are up to 20 Citroën Advanced Driver Assistance Systems available to help improve safety while driving. Expect Active Safety Brake function, Speed Limit Information, Lane Keeping Assist, Driver Attention Alert 3 with lane departure detection and a Forward Collision Warning system all included. Active Blind Spot Detection, adaptive cruise control and a head-up display ensure the driver is stress free regardless of what journey you undertake.


Pricing for the new ë-C4 X in Ireland has yet to be confirmed. With that said there will no doubt be at lease two specifications with Feel and Flair and we estimate the car will sit between 40 and €45k. Like other current Citroën models on sale in Ireland finance will be available from 1.9% and there will be a competitive PCP offering.


Well what can we say really? We suppose the ë-C4 X is ideal for customers wanting zero emission electric power with usable range in an stylish, spacious and compact 4-door alternative to more traditional SUV and hatchback crossovers. It will particularly appeal to business users and perhaps taxi drivers needing to operate in and around cities and suburban zones. Plugging the car in could not be easier thanks to the cleverly designed charging port, and the cable can be easily stored under the boot floor. A coloured indicator on the charging port allows you to monitor the process, which can also be followed on the My Citroën app.

We enjoyed our time with the ë-C4 X and look forward to spending a week with it when Irish dealerships start to take delivery. For now it’s a clever package that offers existing electric vehicle owners a fresh alternative or indeed new punters and chance to experience EV ownership with decent range and fast charging. For added peace-of-mind Citroën also confirmed the battery warranty is eight years or 160,000 km for 70% of charge capacity. Considering most people take three to five years out of a vehicle, this should be more than adequate. Naturally on the secondhand market various battery health checks should be carried out. If this is a vehicle that interests you be sure to place your name down for a test drive at your local Citroën dealer. Supply has yet to be confirmed for Ireland but you are better safe than sorry!






Not a lot really!

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