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Dacia Spring On The Way

Dacia’s first all-electric model, Spring has made zero-emission mobility accessible to a wide customer base wherever it is sold. First launched in 2021, it was the third most sold electric car to individuals in 2022 and 2023. In total, more than 140,000 Dacia Spring have been registered worldwide since its launch. Spring has already received many awards. Its energy efficiency and carbon footprint were particularly praised in 2022 when it was given the maximum 5-star rating from the independent European organisation Green NCAP.

Dacia Spring appears to have found its audience as a perfect solution for people looking for simple, affordable, and efficient zero-emission mobility. Data collected via the vehicle’s on-board connected systems shows that the average daily trip made by Spring users cover 37 km at a speed of 37 km/h. In 75% of cases, cars are recharged at home. The Dacia Spring has always found its audience because it has constantly evolved since its launch, with a new brand identity in 2022, then a more powerful 65 hp engine in 2023.

Yet it has always retained its fundamental strength: remaining the most affordable full-electric car on the market. Today, the New Dacia Spring passes another milestone, taking those qualities that made it a success to the next level. The Dacia Spring has not only made full-electric mobility accessible to countless people, but has also perfectly met customer needs. Data collected via connected services shows that the average Spring user travels 31km at a speed of 26 km/h. Of them, 75% charge their car at home, and 66% on a domestic socket.

To conquer new territories, Dacia has included the Extreme trim on its fully electric Spring. To emphasise its importance to the brand, it has been given its own Extreme trim design with the exclusive all-new ELECTRIC 65 engine. The Spring Extreme ELECTRIC 65 is for customers looking for greater performance, pleasure, and versatility. It boasts more power (65 hp/48 kW) than the Spring ELECTRIC 45 (45 hp/33 kW), which is still available with the Essential trim. Wheel torque is higher and makes for a more dynamic acceleration either in the city or when merging onto motorways.

A main feature of the new ELECTRIC 65 engine is its higher RPM - 14,700 rpm compared to 8,500 rpm for the ELECTRIC 45 - for enhanced power output. The new technical specifications for the reducer (with a ratio that has increased from 7,162 to 12,057) increase torque transmitted to the drive wheels. On city roads, the Spring Extreme ELECTRIC 65 accelerates from 0 to 50 km/h in 3.9 seconds, 1.9 seconds faster than the Spring ELECTRIC 45. On the open road, the recovery time to go from 80 to 120 km/h has been almost halved (13.5s compared to 26s). The Spring Extreme ELECTRIC 65 boasts a range of 220 km in WLTP combined cycle, and 305 km in WLTP City cycle.

Orders for the new Dacia Spring will open in spring 2024. Market launch is scheduled for summer 2024.

Highly anticipated by customers in Ireland, Dacia Spring will be available in right-hand drive for the first time and prices will be announced in the coming weeks! We look forward to bringing you a full review.


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