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Digital Marketing Insights – Display Advertising During 192

Now on the cusp of the 192 sales period, Manufacturers and Franchise Dealerships alike, are carefully planning and finalising their marketing strategies with everyone having one clear goal – maximise sales results. Delivering a strategic digital marketing campaign will be vital for securing sales enquires.

How can display advertising deliver real results?

In terms of building a digital strategy for Franchise Dealers, it is now essential to focus on both audience and contextual brand targeting. This will allow you to reach the ‘early researchers’ and “I’m still undecided” through to the “I’m ready to buy now” type of customers.

In the new era of multiple financing offers, educating consumers to the affordability of new car purchases will be the deciding factor in reaching sales quotas for 192 registrations. Translating this message into a digital marketing strategy is not difficult. This can be achieved by using smart banner designs which are complemented by an engaging ‘call to action’. The campaign execution and performance relies heavily on reaching the correct audience and contextual targeting.

DoneDeal Motors is the busiest and most used Irish online Motoring channel. With 49% of all dealer enquires now on 1-4 year stock profile, there is an opportunity for your dealership to promote new car offers to the largest market intenders, in your own local County.

With audience and contextual brand targeting, dealerships will secure over 50% higher engagement rates in the form of visitor traffic to their website. By targeting consumers while they are actively searching for your brand or product on DoneDeal, allows you to engage with the consumer while they are in a ‘transactional’ state of mind.

Digital Walk In’s

Would you allow a customer to wander around your showroom without providing them with the relevant information to make a decision? ‘Digital Walk Inns’ to your website are equally as important. Having a campaign landing page that provides details of the offer and options to request a callback are vital to the success of your website.

Banner Blindness

Beware of publisher websites that deliver web pages, overcrowded with multiple banner formats and positions. This can cause “Banner Blindness” and have a significant effect on campaign engagement as it will dilute the overall performance of the campaign.

Engaging Online Experience

DoneDeal is mindful of both the user experience and advertiser requirements. By developing a display strategy that offers users value-added products and offerings matching their search criteria, both the user and advertiser benefit from an enjoyable and engaging online experience. This approach to digital marketing is a real driver in campaign results.

Please get in touch if you are interested in learning about developing a display advertising strategy for your dealership. From campaign creation, through to bespoke audience and contextual targeting, with 100% real trackable results, the DoneDeal Motor Team can deliver real results from your marketing investment during the 192 sales period.

If you are interested in discussing a digital marketing campaign for your dealership, please send an email here, and we will have one of our Account Managers contact you.


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