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DoneDeal's Online Safety Message

DoneDeal prioritises online safety message in fight against fraudsters

While the vast majority of buyers and sellers are honest, there is always a slight risk of a deal going bad. Take note of DoneDeal’s simple safety advice and make sure your experience is a positive one. For centuries people have been buying goods from and selling goods to absolute strangers, but the advance of the internet means that people no longer need a physical shop or market to exchange cash for goods.

The way DoneDeal works is that users browse for goods and then contact the seller to arrange a time and place to view or buy the item for sale.

DoneDeal is Ireland’s largest and most successful online classified adverts website and today claims a market leadership position twice as big as its nearest competitor. The company always aims to provide an easy, safe marketplace for people to buy or sell all sorts of things. Features include photos with all ads, low cost advertising with hassle free payment by phone and free tracking tools.

DoneDeal takes fraud management very seriously and the company has great processes and resources to help fight against potential crime via ads on DoneDeal. The company works very closely with An Garda Siochána and takes all instances of potential fraud very seriously.

Speaking about online safety Finbarr Garland, Trust & Safety at DoneDeal said, "If you feel you have been defrauded by a seller on DoneDeal, have reason to believe you have discovered stolen goods or believe that someone who is advertising something that may have legal implications we would strongly encourage you to contact your local Gardai to report the incident or the advertiser."

He continued, "We strongly believe in working closely with the Gardai and other government agencies to keep our community safe. We can provide assistance to them on behalf of victims of crime and we also provide support and services to them free of charge."

Like any retailer or shopper, it’s important to think about safety. Just because the transaction doesn’t take place in a high-street shop doesn’t mean you have to forgo CCTV, proof of purchase, personal security or protection against counterfeit notes or bouncing cheques.

Whether you’re a buyer or seller there are ways to ensure you’re not taken advantage of by an unscrupulous minority.

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