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DoneDeal verify ownership of cars for sale

To make our marketplace as trusted as possible, we’re working with our car dealers and private sellers to add a Greenlight verification to all vehicles for sale on DoneDeal.

How Greenlight works

The Greenlight verification is an initiative driven by DoneDeal in our continued effort to build a marketplace where buyers can have complete peace of mind during their vehicle buying journey.

What does it mean for a seller?

Private sellers can now take an extra step when selling their vehicle on DoneDeal to verify ownership by supplying their logbook number. Using data directly from our records we match the registration and logbook with information in this database.

Basic History Check with Greenlight verification

We check if the vehicle was ever logged as a Category A or B* write off in Ireland if it is we don’t list the ad on

We check if the vehicle was originally imported, if we find that it was, we display this on the ad. If the vehicle was imported we encourage our users to do a full history check to include the UK since we can’t check the write off status outside Ireland.

Greenlight Verification is free

We don’t charge either the buyer or seller for this history check since we know this is a really important factor to consider when searching for your perfect vehicle. We do however, always encourage our users to do a full history check when considering their next used vehicle purchase.

*About Category A or B write offs

Category A The vehicle must be scrapped and no parts or components can be sold other than for scrap. Amounts vary but the scrap value rarely covers the cost of recovery and delivery to a scrap yard. Category A is severely damaged, total burnout or flood damage with no serviceable parts, or already a stripped out shell. In the UK the DVLA will require a “Notification of Destruction”. In Ireland this vehicle would have to be disposed of in an authorised treatment facility and have a death certificate issued and the vehicle then becomes End of Life (ELV).

Category B The vehicle must not be used again but non- structural and roadworthy parts and components may be recovered for use in other vehicles. Care must be taken to ensure that they are not critical components with important safety functions. A Category B will have been damaged beyond economical repair, usually with major structural damage. In the UK the DVLA will require “Notification of Destruction” but parts can be removed and sold on. In Ireland this vehicle would have to be disposed of in an authorised treatment facility and have a death certificate issued and the vehicle then becomes End of Life (ELV).


Sofa Blum
Sofa Blum
5 days ago

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May 09

I tried to pass Greenlight check but it said we can't find a match.... I feel sad


May 06

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Apr 08

I just did a check on a Kia Picanto 2012 and it came back as a tractor? 2012 Landini Powermondial 115 (12TN118) I just wasted €18.00 and I cant attach an image of part of the report. What a rip off.


Krzysztof Piaszczyk
Krzysztof Piaszczyk
Oct 30, 2023

not working, I tried 2 different VRC numbers for both of my cars and it saying We couldn't find a match??? it makes my ad look not trustworthy and forces the potential customers to buy the full " CHECK " marketing at its finest, its a scam just to get the money


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