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EasyCut R 450 – Mowing with more balance

Krone is adding a new top-of-the-range model to its R series disc mowers: The EasyCut R 450, with a working width of 4.5 metres. 

This rear mounted mower ensures maximum driving stability thanks to its telescopic counterweight and horizontal folding mechanism for road transport. The new ECR 450 will be presented to the public for the first time in France at the Salon de l’herbe et des fourrages

Efficient mowing with suitable overcut  

The EasyCut 450 mower can be operated with all Krone front mounted mowers up to and including a working width of four metres, always ensuring an optimum overcut. Adjustable lower link holders and outrigger arms, which can be mounted in different positions, ensure perfect swathing.  

Ideal weight distribution for greater driving stability 

The EasyCut R 450 is equipped with a hydraulically telescoping mechanism which can be optionally loaded with up to ten plates of 50 kg each. This greatly improves the handling characteristics of the mower in the field. The weight, which can weigh up to 500 kg, moves outwards by 60 cm in a fully automatic sequence-controlled manner. This allows the ballasting of the machine to be optimised and the lower links of the tractor are loaded more evenly. As a result, the power requirement is only around 74 kW or 100 hp.  



Exemplary contour following thanks to hydraulic relief 

The patented DuoGrip suspension ensures outstanding ground tracking across the entire working width, even in the most difficult conditions. An integrated pendulum stop cylinder pulls the mower unit onto the outrigger arm in the headland position, ensuring smooth driving behaviour even on uneven ground and during fast turning manoeuvres. This maximises headland lifting. 


Standard equipment also includes the hydraulically adjustable bearing pressure which is easy to read on a pressure gauge. Even more comfort is provided by the optional adjustment of the bearing pressure from the tractor cab; this adjustment also requires a double-acting control unit. This also contributes to a reduction in diesel consumption. 


Proven EasyCut mowing technology  

The technical basis for the EasyCut R 450 is the all-round welded EasyCut cutterbar, lubricated for life, with eight cutting discs and two mower drums. The patented SafeCut cutterbar protection system and hydraulic impact damage protection system prevent the machine from extensive damaged.   



Compact and safe on the road 

The EasyCut R 450 is hydraulically swivelled horizontally to the rear for transport. In doing so, the counterweight is automatically retracted so that the transport width is less than 2.5 metres. With the standard LED lighting including a warning panel the rear mounted mower can be transported in complete safety on public roads. When the work is done, the mower can be safely parked using the standard parking supports which remain on the machine.  

Conclusion: With a working width of 4.5 metres, the new EasyCut R 450 sets new standards for rear three-point mowers. Thanks to the flexible adjustment of the overcut, the machine can also be used extremely efficiently in combination with various Krone front mounted mowers. With the EasyCut F 400 Fold, a working width of almost 8 m can be achieved. Other convenient features, such as the standard hydraulic mower relief and the telescopic counterweight, ensure optimum ground tracking and weight distribution which create the best conditions for high-quality forage even in difficult conditions thanks to a consistently precise cutting pattern.  



Technical data at a glance 

Working width: 4.47 m 

Transport width: Less than 2.50 m (due to horizontal folding) 

Dead weight: 1,250 kg 

Hitch: Three-point headstock (Cat. III relocatable)  

Cutterbar: EasyCut with 

  • SafeCut cutterbar protection system 

  • SmartCut cutting disc arrangement 

  • 8 cutting discs, 2 mower drums 

Drive train 

  • Drive via universal shaft-gearbox combination 

  • with integrated freewheel 

  • PTO speed 540 rpm (optionally 1,000 rpm) 

Mower suspension in the centre of gravity: DuoGrip system 

Bearing pressure control: hydraulic (optionally adjustable from the cabin, 1 double-acting extra) 

Counterweight: Telescopic device for up to 500 kg  

Required hydraulic connections: 1 x single-acting, 1 x double-acting 

Power requirement: from approx. 74 kW/100 hp 



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