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Electric 7 Seaters

It is a question we get asked regularly here in DoneDeal. Is it possible to get an electric seven seater and further more, what choices are currently available? Well yes it is possible and there are several options but possibly not as many as the Hybrid or traditional combustion powered offerings. For now lets just see what seven seater EV’s are currently available on the Irish market with a brief synopsis of each. Keep in mind that the availability of EV models and their configurations can change, so its always best to do your own due diligence.

KIA EV9: The EV9 is an all-electric SUV designed and built for modern lifestyles in the electrified era. As the company’s first three-row electric flagship SUV, the spacious, and striking EV9 is a rugged, sophisticated, and technologically advanced electric vehicle available with six or seven seat options and up to 563km of range.

Tesla Model X: The Tesla Model X is an electric SUV that comes with an available third-row seat option, allowing it to seat up to seven passengers. The unique falcon-wing rear doors provide excellent access to the rear seats and it manages battery range very well. Tesla have stated this vehicle can no longer be purchased new but there are plenty for sale on the trusted DoneDeal Dealer network.

Mercedes-Benz EQV: The Mercedes-Benz EQV is an all-electric version of the V-Class people mover. It offers a spacious interior and comes in a configuration that can seat up to seven passengers. It can travel up to 350 kilometres on a single charge but always, conditions, driving style and how many passengers you are carrying may have an impact on range. It is by far the largest seven seater on the Irish market!

Peugeot e-Rifter: Who says you need a large SUV to fit seven seats comfortably? Peugeot believe they have the alternative with the good old practical MPV. The Peugeot e-Rifter not only offers comfortable seating for 7 occupants, but also comes with some nice technology with a super easy digital instrument panel to control all vitals. Up to 300 kilometres can be achieved with a full charge.

Volvo EX90: The new EX90 is Volvo’s fully electric premium 7-seater SUV that defines a new era for safety. Cutting-edge radars and cameras enhanced by lidar detect potential risks beyond your vision and provide extra support when needed. It can cover up to 600km on a single charge with no tailpipe emissions and features bidirectional charging capabilities.

Mercedes EQB: With seven seats and a range of up to 416 kilometres (WLTP) and an output of up to 215 kW the powertrain of the EQB also meets every expectation not only in the compact segment, but especially among electric cars. It’s not the largest seven seater by any means but for small children the third row should be more than adequate.

Volkswagen Buzz: Possibly the vehicle with the most character in this segment. Inspired by the legendary Bulli, rethought, fully electric, fully connected and with a range of up to 480km from the 88 kWh battery pack this represents the fun factor. Expect camera phones at the ready, particularly if you opt for some of the brighter colours available!

Mercedes EQS SUV: We shouldn’t forget the flagship seven seater and what a beauty it is. The new EQS SUV combines the benefits of a luxurious saloon with the spaciousness of an SUV. This is one of class leading vehicles with a range of 672 kilometres achievable in the stunning EQS SUV 450+.

Opel Combo Life Electric: The Combo Life Electric is a stablemate of the Peugeot e-Rifter, which means a 50kWh battery pack, similar performance and up to 300 kilometres of range. It comes down to personal preference really and how you like the dash layout and technology. May the choice be yours!

Citroën ë-SpaceTourer: Possibly the most versatile electric-powered vehicle here in the sense that it can be configured to seat, 5, 7 or even 8 occupants. It could even double as a van when you fold the seats flat to gives acres of space! Expect up to 300 kilometres of range but again it very much depends on what weight is on board!

These ten possible choices are all seven seater vehicles spread across a number of segments from SUV to MPV with even some vans making the cut. It is worth noting as the electric vehicle market evolves, new models with seven-seat configurations may have been introduced since we went live with this particular article. We do hope it offers some help with your decision making and as always keep an eye on our blog reviews or YouTube channel for all the latest reviews.


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