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How to avoid Scams

The vast majority of all transactions on DoneDeal are genuine and leave both the buyer and the seller happy with the outcome.

But, as always when there is money involved, there are chancers who will try various scams. Unfortunately, from time to time, fraudsters will try to take advantage of DoneDealers.

These scams can easily be avoided by knowing the details of common scams as detailed below, being vigilant, having common sense, and reporting ads or contacting us about texts/SMS, whats app messages, emails or phone calls you've received if you're suspicious.

Please note that these scams are not unique to DoneDeal - they happen in all forums for classified ads. Banks, major brands and other household names are also the targets of 'phishing' whereby your bank or personal details are requested via texts/SMS, emails or phone calls and look like they are from the company in question.

How to avoid scams

It is easy to avoid the scams by using common sense. By avoiding the following you stay clear of the most common scams:

  • Golden rule: deal with people locally, who you can meet in person. This simple rule helps you avoid 99% of all the scams.

  • There is no 'guaranteed' sale. Never trust anyone offering a 'guaranteed' sale.

  • Never use Western Union or MoneyGram. It is never safe to use Western Union®, MoneyGram® or other similar money transfer companies to pay for goods for sale on DoneDeal, regardless of what the other person says.

  • Never buy or sell to a foreign country. Buying or selling to a foreign country involves a shipping company or foreign money transfer, and is a common approach used by scammers.

  • If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is common sense is the best way to avoid scams. If an offer sounds too good, then it is probably not a genuine offer.

  • Do not share your bank, card or personal details. Have you received an email/SMS asking for bank/personal details in exchange for a refund or reward. It could be a phishing scam. DoneDeal only asks for your name, phone number and card details when you are placing an ad.

Examples of scams

To read more on how to Stay Safe on DoneDeal click here.

Not what you were looking for? Contact our Customer Support team today.


Sep 09, 2023

I'm running a scam, stay out of my way, delete the article

Dec 14, 2023
Replying to

Example of recent scam, fraudster takes phone and add details of DoneDeal and uses WhatsApp to ask if item still available and asks a few questions on the item. Then says s/he lives in a place quite far away for in-person collection. And asks for delivery by post or courier promising safe upfront payment through those companies (uses well known brand names). If agreed, a/he says they've sent you a payment and sends a link (genuine-looking fake) to the carrier's 'tracking page' where you are asked to enter your card details. I have already had 2 such encounters in short space of time.

Is there option on DoneDeal to hide phone details from users and force any offerors to contact/communicate…


Sep 07, 2023

sitface 9 I sale agreed scam ,

same picture eBay USA


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