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Introducing the Tomahawk 8200 Model Bale Processor

The best just got better!

The market leading Tomahawk range of Bale Processors from Teagle have long been known for its strength and reliability. The 2023 winter housing season will see the new 8200 model available that has been redesigned from the ground up, retaining all the strength of the 7100 and 8100 models that the 8200 range replaces.

The new 8200 line from Teagle includes 2 models:

• 8200 for feeding and bedding, available either mounted or trailed.

• 8250 for precision straw processing, also either mounted or trailed.

An updated ‘SYNCHRO’ control system in both variants offers the operator:

• Pause / Run modes to stop/start the flow of material at the touch of a button

• Adjustable bale restraint position to optimise output with straw / silage

• Simplified controls by electronically synchronising bed chain speed and bale restraint position via a single dial

• Loading setting, to prevent contact between the bale and the crossbeater on startup

All of the above are managed through our tried and tested Tethered WiFi control desk that has been updated to include the new functions and reconfigured to improve operator comfort.

Spread, Shred or Chop at the touch of a button

The unique 8250 Dual Chop design for processing short material has been substantially updated with a 40% increase in the cutting speed mechanism (now over 60,000 scissor chops per minute) to provide a fine and consistent chop length, designed specifically to suit the needs of TMR and Poultry/Cubicle bedding applications. The blade beam can be disengaged to allow material to be spread without chopping or engaged at the push of a button for short chop mode.

The 8200 feeding and bedding models also now benefit from the largest diameter crossbeater on the market to ensure smooth delivery of processed materials. Material then passes through an updated fan and swivel chute with improved material flow and blow distance. Hardox® is now included as standard in the chute components.

A revised layout

A new monocoque body provides strength in the mounted versions, and has been designed for improved material containment and clean, safe operation with all horizontal surfaces removed. The bale chamber can accommodate round bales, either 1 x 2.0m or 2 x 1.5m, with capacity for full size rectangular bales up to 2.8m long. Bales can be self-loaded and retention is improved with a rigid bale beam at the rear of the tailgate. All greasing points are easily accessible, with the recently updated BS EN703:2021 safety standards taken into account. A drop-down hatch at the rear of the machine allows for easy removal of stones.

Almost all components are now robot welded and a modular design ensures straightforward maintenance. The machine can be configured to be homologated to European specification which ensures safe road use. For outstanding durability a superior finish is achieved through our investment in the latest pre-paint preparation and double powder coat paint system.


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