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Unwanted Sales Calls

Have you been contacted by another company offering advertising on their site?

We have checked with our legal advisors and they have verified that what they are doing is not permitted and they should NOT contact you in this way, as this is in breach of your Data Protection rights. We really encourage you to report these unsolicited phone calls to the Data Protection Commissioner.

We really want to stop companies from annoying our customers and we can make the complaint for you, to save you the work. If we send in a number of complaints, I am sure the Data Protection Commissioner will take action. To do this we would require your home address for the complaint form on the Data Protection Website.

Alternatively, you can report this company to the Data Protection Commissioner yourself (it only takes two minutes): https://www.dataprotection.ie/ViewDoc.asp?fn=/documents/complaint/default.asp&CatID=51&m=p

You can read more about your privacy rights here: https://www.dataprotection.ie/ViewDoc.asp?fn=/documents/rights/2f.htm&CatID=21&m=r

We recently asked Elaine to write an article on this which you can read here: http://blog.donedeal.ie/2011/10/hit-back-at-unwanted-sales-calls/

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