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Car Review: Volkswagen ID.3 Video Review - An Electric Car Evolution

This week on the DoneDeal YouTube Channel we're reviewing the all new Volkswagen ID.3. It's a very important car in the electric world as it's VW's first attempt at a proper EV, and a very good one at that! It will come in a 45kWh, 58kWh and 77kWh electric motor. The first edition which we reviewed has the 58kWh which was very impressive with over 200bhp giving it plenty of poke.

For years the Nissan Leaf wore the crown for 'best affordable EV', then it was stolen by the Hyundai Kona Electric, however the ID.3 is probably the most up to date and respectable EV in the 'affordable' market.

The standard equipment is phenomenal with lane assist, adaptive cruise control and emergency braking, just to name a few. The car handles beautifully with all 4 wheels in their respective corners and being rear wheel drive. The ID.3 will be the platform the Volkswagen group will use the build the majority of their EV's and so this is a great glimpse into the future. Comparing it to the new MK8 Golf is difficult, the infotainment system is very similar however that's just about it. The styling is very different, the way it drives is completely different and it also has a much more futuristic feel to it.

Check out the Volkswagen ID.3 on DoneDeal here

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