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Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer (2024 Preview)

Not long after the Irish launch of the ID.7 which, we recently reviewed on the DoneDeal YouTube channel and Volkswagen are back expanding the ID.7 portfolio in Europe with the introduction of an estate car. This all-new ID.7 Tourer is set to be one of the first all-electric estate cars in the upper mid-sized class segment. It differs significantly from saloon variant at the rear thanks to its long roof line and its elegant transition to the boot lid.  In many ways this Tourer is a fusion of a classic estate with inspiration from the Passat, and perhaps the modern shooting brake style that VW have used with the Arteon. Thanks to the increased height at the rear, the luggage compartment volume is more substantial and even with five people on board, the ID.7 Tourer has a luggage capacity of up to 605 litres. When loaded up to the backrests of the front seats and up to the roof, this figure rises to up to 1,714 litres which is super impressive!


As this is a preview article we have been told that the ID.7 Tourer will be launched with innovative technological features, including an augmented-reality (AR) head-up display equipped as standard. This projects information relevant to the journey into the driver’s field of vision, so their eyes can stay focused on the road. At the same time, the AR head-up display changes the cockpit architecture because it allows classic instruments to become compact. Comfort levels inside are set to make a big jump forward with details such as vents that are automatically operated by small control motors, and ergoActive seats with a new pressure-point massage function and automatic air conditioning.

Another innovation buyers can expect on board is the panoramic sunroof with smart glass. These glass layers can be electronically switched to be either opaque or clear. The Wellness In-Car app is also completely new. This allows various vehicle functions to be adjusted by means of three preconfigured programmes (Fresh Up, Calm Down and Power Break) which can help to enhance wellbeing during the journey or breaks. Depending on the vehicle equipment, the app accesses the background lighting, sound, air conditioning, smart glass function, seat air conditioning and seat massage as well as the ID.LIGHT and the infotainment screen. All very clever stuff!


As expected theID.7 Tourer is equipped with the latest-generation electric drive system which we have seen in the saloon variant. Volkswagen will offer two different battery sizes for the ID.7 Tourer. Depending on the battery energy content, the electric touring car is expected to achieve WLTP ranges of up to 685 km. The largest battery is designed for a maximum charging capacity of up to 200 kW at DC quick-charging stations. At this power level, the battery can be recharged from 10 to 80 per cent in significantly less than 30 minutes.


Not leaving any safety elements to chance the ID.7 Tourer will be launched with state-of-the-art assist systems. These include the optional Park Assist Plus and the memory function for the Park Assist system - this function enables fully automatic parking over distances of up to 50 m - for example, in the parking space at work or the carport at home. The optional Travel Assist has also been further developed and is now called Connected Travel Assist with Online Data in the latest version. The other assist systems equipped as standard include the autonomous emergency braking system Front Assist and Dynamic Road Sign Display.


It’s early days yet with the first ID.7 Tourer not due here until late this year. We estimate a few will be on the road late 2024 but most orders will be submitted ahead of the 251 registration period. With that said we have yet to review Irish pricing but we will keep you informed.


The new ID.7 Tourer looks set to combine the emissios advantages of electric mobility with long WLTP ranges (up to 685 km) which will make it highly desirable. The new high-quality cockpit landscape, outstanding travel comfort and superior spaciousness will no doubt make it an ideal business car for the people of Ireland. Europe-wide pre-sales are scheduled to start in the first quarter of this year but as we get more info we will bring you the latest details. For now, watch this space!


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