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Volvo V40 Car Review

Distinctive yet practical, the new V40 is Volvo’s solution to compete in the premium hatchback market. The V40 offers more diversity to the ‘V’ badged range as it is the first compact hatchback of the collection.

At a starting price of €29,495, the V40 intends to take on other upmarket giants such as the Audi A3 Sportback, BMW 1 Series, Mercedes A-Class and the Volkswagen Golf.

From floor dividers to several tethering points the V40 boot is relatively standard but is also suitable for any day to day standard needs. Volvo has provided a spare wheel with the vehicle, but some might find the space in the boot to be limited.

The V40 promises on being ‘compact’, with a 324-litre capacity (40 litres less than its rival the VW Golf) you may find the boot might fill quickly after adding a few items in it. However, extra boot space can be created by folding forward the rear seats.

Rear seat passengers may be disappointed with the amount of head and leg space as it is restricted. On the plus side, the interior boasts a premium feel through design and comfort. Other features present includes features such as cup holders and a pull-down armrest.

Front seat passengers are welcomed to an exceptionally plush bright blonde leather upholstery. Comfort becomes an emerging theme once seated in V40. The steering wheel is larger than most, which is noticeable if you are accustomed to driving a hatchback. Features in the V40 include a glove box, cup holders, door cards and a convenient centre armrest for either the driver or front seat passenger.

The infotainment system is standard. However, it includes some essentials such as a Sat Nav, Internet and a reversing camera. Unfortunately, the quality of the reversing camera is quite poor, which is disappointing. The technology in the V40 is sub-par when compared to others in the Volvo range like the XC40.

Slot in your key in, click start and get ready to be impressed by how effortless the V40 is to drive. If you have ever owned a Volvo, the V40 provides a similar driving experience to other models in the Volvo range as they remain consistent on performance.

The Swedish manufacturer is best-known for its safety, and this model does not disappoint. Volvo owns some of the safest cars on the roads today, and the V40 falls into this category. Volvo has taken it another step forward and has now added a pedestrian airbag in the bonnet of the car.

The V40 delivers on what you would expect from a Volvo car, and we believe this hatchback makes an excellent choice for many. The V40 is ideal for that young urban drivers as Volvo have positioned this car as a ‘city companion’. The entry-level model offers a higher spec than many of its competitors and guarantees that premium quality if that is what you are looking for.


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