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What car should I buy (engine & fuel type)?

In a world where there are Diesel, Petrol, Hybrid, Plug-in-Hybrid and fully electric cars, it can be difficult to navigate which engine and car to buy.

In this video we take a very logical look at the options, and who they suit best.

If you can charge at home, then a full EV or a PHEV make a whole lot of sense (depending on your driving habits) whereas if you don't have off street parking, and no ability to charge at home then it's worth considering a petrol, diesel or a stand alone hybrid.

Here's a breakdown of each powertrain and who they might suit:

Diesel - they suit people who do a lot of driving, in particular motorway driving. Diesel cars make a lot of sense if you drive for work as the VAT on diesel can be claimed back. Whilst an EV could have a cheaper cost per km, diesel cars are a very efficient way to drive if you don't have the ability to charge at home. View diesel cars for sale from dealerships nationwide

Petrol - a small petrol engine can be tough to beat. Generally speaking they're in the most affordable cars. They can be very efficient, reliable and cheap to run. Petrol cars are also one of the most enjoyable cars to drive enthusiastically. View petrol cars for sale from dealerships nationwide

Hybrid - it's no secret that hybrids can be very efficient, particularly if driven around town. This is why we see so many taxi drivers opting for a Toyota Prius.  

Plug-in-Hybrid - if the majority of your driving is around town, but you also like the idea of driving down the country on weekends - then maybe a PHEV would make the most sense for you. It is worth noting that this only really makes sense if you can charge at home.   View hybrid cars for sale from dealerships nationwide

Electric Cars - these are by far the most affordable car to 'fuel', however this is only the case if you can charge at home using the night rate. So electricity providers offer 'free Saturday' or 'free Sunday' meaning you could charge up 300/400km+ (depending on the car) and drive free of charge.  View electric cars for sale from dealerships nationwide


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