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DoneDeal moo-ves fast to help Cattle farmers trade online.

DoneDeal, the online farming marketplace, has invested significant resources in its platform in the last week in an effort to empower farmers to trade online during level 5 restrictions. The move means that beef farmers who currently list their stock on DoneDeal can now accept payments securely online for their cattle through DoneDeal’s secure digital payments solution, powered by Stripe Payments.

Rob Hume, General Manager of DoneDeal, explains, “We are seeing the demand for Cattle online accelerate significantly online with the views on beef cattle listings growing over 48% year on year to September. During the first lockdown in April-May, DoneDeal saw an even greater growth rate reaching as high as +107% in April. Early data following the most recent lockdown on Wednesday 21st October shows an increase of +18% in online demand in the 7 days after lockdown as compared to the 7 days previous. At DoneDeal, we wanted to quickly provide an easy way for our beef farmers to ride the wave of demand as Level 5 restrictions continue.”

Private Negotiation and secure payment.

Rob continues, “Farmers can negotiate privately within DoneDeal’s messaging service as usual. Once both parties are happy, the seller can request payment directly from the buyer within the messaging service on DoneDeal. The transaction will then be processed safely and securely with the payment flowing to the seller’s bank account using Stripe Payments.”

Below: DoneDeal sees another acceleration of demand and transaction in Beef Cattle stock online due to Level 5 restrictions.

Easy Set Up

The Irish owned site says that getting set up with this world-class payment facility on is easy, with farmers just needing to hit the ‘Connect with Stripe’ button in their DoneDeal Profile to accept fully digital payments online. Interest in Farming overall is growing 25% year over year on Donedeal, with over 13M ad views per month on the site’s farming section.

Rob concludes,” After the last lockdown, you can see that the trend stayed steady with interest in beef cattle on DoneDeal staying at levels above 2019. We hope that this move will help farmers trade securely and easily online and capitalize on that demand.”

About DoneDeal

Employing over 50 people in Ireland across Dublin and Wexford, DoneDeal has quietly emerged as Ireland’s number one destination to buy and sell farming machinery and stock online.

DoneDeal's central mission is to empower Irish consumers by removing all uncertainty when it comes to purchasing online. Stripe secure payments are just one of the ways that DoneDeal has been furthering this mission. Interest in Farming overall is growing 25% year over year on Donedeal, with over 13M ad views per month on the site’s farming section. DoneDeal has had over 40M unique advertisement views on listings for beef cattle so far this year.

This post was originally featured by our friends in the News.


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