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Kverneland's 85156 C: A Closer Look At The 15.6m High Capacity Tedder

Kverneland has recently introduced the 85156 C Trailed ProLine tedder to the Irish market, a piece of machinery designed to enhance productivity and efficiency for farmers and machinery contractors. With a working width of 15.6 meters and equipped with 14 rotors, this tedder is tailored to improve the handling of all crop types, ensuring high output and excellent crop quality.

Designed for High Output

The 85156 C tedder is engineered with intensive usage in mind. Its small diameter rotors are crafted for optimal crop turning, providing an efficient pick-up and uniform distribution over the entire working width. This design ensures that crops are turned efficiently and evenly, even under almost any condition.

Ground Following Innovation

One of the standout features of the 85156 C is its TerraFlow system, a ground following solution that allows each rotor to accurately adapt to ground contours. This innovation ensures consistent tine distance to the ground across the tedder's full working width, resulting in clean, precise work and a uniform crop flow.

John Doyle, Product Manager at Kverneland, commented on the importance of this feature: "The TerraFlow system represents a significant advancement in tedder technology. By ensuring each rotor precisely follows the ground contours, we're able to guarantee a uniform crop flow and forage quality that our customers can rely on, even in challenging field conditions."

User-Friendly Operation and Maintenance

Recognising the importance of minimising downtime, the 85156 C has been designed for ease of operation and maintenance. It requires only a single acting valve ram for raising and lowering, and a double action valve ram for folding, making it compatible with most tractors. The tedder also features a transport width of less than 3 meters, allowing for easy road transport.

Additional Features for Enhanced Performance

The tedder comes fitted with generous 380/55-17 tires, offering stability and good ground protection. An option for 500/50-17 tires is also available. Furthermore, the hydraulic activated swath board efficiently keeps the crop within the working width when tedding along borderlines, highlighting Kverneland's attention to detail in enhancing machine performance.

A Reliable Solution for Irish Agriculture

The introduction of the 85156 C tedder by Kverneland is a response to the needs of the agricultural community in Ireland, offering a reliable solution designed to boost productivity and crop quality. With features like the TerraFlow system and its maintenance-friendly design, this tedder is poised to become a go-to tool for farmers and contractors looking to streamline their operations.

Kverneland continues to demonstrate its commitment to the agricultural industry through innovations that address the real-world challenges faced by farmers today. The 85156 C tedder is a testament to this commitment, offering a blend of performance, reliability, and efficiency that is sure to meet the needs of Irish agriculture. Kverneland's 85134 C tedder, with a working width of 13.4 meters and equipped with 12 rotors, is also available to the Irish market.

Standard Warranty for Peace of Mind

All Kverneland equipment comes with a standard 2-year warranty, offering peace of mind to farmers and contractors. This commitment to quality and reliability ensures that users can depend on their Kverneland machinery for consistent performance and longevity.

Supporting Irish Farmers and Contractors

Conor Vaughan, from Kverneland Group Ireland, emphasises the company's dedication to assisting Irish farmers and contractors with their agricultural needs through the 0% finance offer covering 100% of the VAT inclusive selling price. "Our aim at Kverneland Group Ireland is to empower Irish farmers and contractors by providing accessible financial solutions,"  he states. "This initiative reflects our commitment to supporting the agricultural community in Ireland, ensuring they have access to cutting-edge equipment without the financial burden." 

Click here for more info on the finance packages.

Contact Kverneland:

  • John Doyle, Product Manager Harvest: 00353 87 101 3053

  • Greg Tennyson, Area South: 00353 87 700 9689

  • Allan Hetherington, Area North: 0044 7826 544 630

Click here for information on Kverneland Tedders 



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