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Buying a Used EV Advice

The used car market on DoneDeal is constantly evolving and with the continued growth in electric mobility, we are naturally starting to see an influx of quality used electric vehicles coming to the forecourts. It would be remiss of us not to mention that not all used EV publicity has been kind, but what are the facts and what should you be aware of when searching for a used EV on DoneDeal. Here we look at 5 key considerations particularly surrounding the battery.

Battery Health

In the same way you would check the engine in a combustion powered vehicle, your first check on the EV should be the battery. This is the most critical and expensive component of an EV. Battery degradation over time affects the vehicle’s range and performance so it’s important to compare the current range to the original range specifications. Expect some loss, but significant degradation could indicate potential issues.

Battery Warranty

Check if the battery is still under warranty, as replacements can be expensive if the entire battery pack needs replacement. More often than not if there is an issue, it will just be individual cells or a battery module that needs replacing. Most manufacturers provide between a 5 and 8 year battery warranty which offers real peace of mind.

Battery Life

Ask for a battery health report which should result in the use of diagnostic tools to assess the battery capacity. Some electric vehicles have on board diagnostics in the same way that your mobile phone has for a health check, but others need an inspection by the approved dealers or battery health expert.

Typical Degradation

A lot of how a battery holds charge comes down to how it was treated in a past life. If the previous owner constantly fast charged the battery and didn’t maintain the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines, the battery could have suffered. Ensuring a good service history is vital and providing the vehicle was well maintained, you should see plenty of life in a used battery with degradation of only 2% to 3% annually. We put a call into a well known Dublin based Kia dealer and he revealed a 2021 EV6 with 100,000 kilometres, is typically showing 93% battery life remaining. All very positive!

Overall Vehicle Condition

Naturally a comprehensive inspection can reveal wear and tear or potential issues so aside from the battery health and service history, be sure to inspect for any damage, excessive wear, or rust, particularly in areas exposed to moisture. Test all electronic components in the cabin and make sure there is no excessive wear on the seats and touchpoint. A valid NCT is a must also and don’t be afraid to get a second opinion by a qualified mechanic/technician.

Hopefully these pointers will aid you when searching for your first electric vehicle on DoneDeal. By thoroughly inspecting these aspects and understanding the vehicle's condition and costs, you can make a well-informed decision and be ready to enjoy the benefits of EV ownership.


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