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Kverneland Introduces Helios Rotary Hoe: Revolutionising Mechanical Weeding for Sustainable Farming

In today's agricultural scene, efficient weed control is needed for healthy plant growth as the basis for yield and profit, as well as for a safe food production. At the same time, the protection of the environment has become a key topic in today’s agriculture. With the Farm to Fork Strategy, recent European regulations and policies have defined new standards and reduced the kinds of components allowed.

Kverneland Group has stepped up with a game-changing move with the Helios Rotary Hoe, a result of Kverneland's strategic integration of BC Technique S.A.S.'s product suite. Think top-tier rotary hoes, inter-row cultivators, and guidance interfaces that underscore Kverneland's unwavering commitment to the field. These innovations align seamlessly with sustainable farming principles, empowering farmers with precision, efficiency, and consistent weed control.

A New Era in Weeding

With the new rotary hoe, Helios, Kverneland offer solutions, which perfectly fit for the future of sustainable farming and enable the customers to achieve efficient, accurate and consistent cultivation and weed control.

Mechanical weeding in row crops and on cereals is a sustainable tool for weed control and healthy plant growth. The Kverneland rotary hoe, Helios carries out selective mechanical weeding efficiently under any soil conditions, at lower and higher speeds with low impact on the growing crop. Helios works also in case of resistance and can be used in pre-emergence status for blind weeding.

The Kverneland Helios is offered in working widths of 3.00 to 6.40m adapting to individual farming concepts and a wide range of weeding applications in spring and autumn.

By cracking the capped surface of the upper topsoil on certain soils after rain, the Helios promotes seed emergence and restores the water and airflow, stimulating physicochemical reactions and soil life. It will increase mineralization and promote the absorption of nitrogen which, all in all, will result in better tilling of the crop for a healthy plant development.

The even working depth adjusted to the height of crop emergence and sowing depth reduces the impact on the crops. A precise speed management can be set up in order to work as aggressively as necessary, maximizing performance and output.

“Mechanical weeding with the rotary hoe, Helios, in row crops and on cereals is an efficient tool for weed control and it also works in case of resistance as with Sulfonyloureas and Pinoxaden for example. It also extends the option to react when conditions limit the application of chemical crop care,” Maxime Georges, Junior Product Manager explains. “In addition, by cracking the upper topsoil, breaking the surface capping on certain soils after rain, the rotary hoe, Helios, promotes the seed emergence and restores the water and air flow, stimulating physico-chemical reactions and soil life. It will increase mineralization and biomass by promoting the absorption of nitrogen.”

Strong in weed control, gentle to the crops

A standout feature of the Helios Rotary Hoe is its cast-iron, ground-driven star wheels. Distinguished by their unique back-of-spoon design, the back of spoon design, curved upwards, work without digging, by gravity. Its operation does not require a high driving speed. Under any soil condition, even the most demanding ones (surface capping, clay, pebbly or residue-cluttered soils), it can be operated at 6 to 15 km/h, with low impact on the growing crop. Thanks to its 2.2 tons-weight (6m), the HELIOS rotary hoe rests well in the soil and fully respects the depth control above the seedbed. Thereby, it allows crossing the passes. The “wheels and comb harrow” combination enhances the weeding effectiveness about 40%.

Precision and User-Friendly Configuration

Precision is a non-negotiable when it comes to mechanical weeding. The Helios offers a suite of adjustments tailored to specific soil conditions, weed pressure, and farm machinery, all accessible without the need for additional tools. Outfitted with either spring or hydraulic "soft control" pressure overload protection, the Helios guarantees uniform working depth across varying terrains, mitigating the risk of crop damage. Additionally, meticulous speed management optimizes performance, granting users the flexibility to fine-tune aggressiveness as required.

Enhancing Soil Vigour for Optimal Plant Development

The Helios Rotary Hoe transcends traditional weeding functions, delivering an additional advantage by revitalizing soil health. Following rainfall, the Helios excels in breaking compacted upper topsoil, setting off a chain reaction that supports seed emergence, restores water and airflow, and triggers vital physicochemical reactions within the soil. The outcome is heightened mineralization, coupled with enhanced nitrogen absorption, nurturing robust crop development.

Paving the Path to Sustainable Farming

As the Helios Rotary Hoe garners acclaim across Europe this season, anticipation mounts for its full-scale debut in Ireland on September 1st 2023. This innovation marks a significant stride toward sustainable farming practices, spotlighting optimal yield, environmental preservation, and effective weed control. With the Helios, Kverneland Group underscores their dedication to pioneering agricultural innovation and reshaping the realm of mechanical weeding.


• Strong in weed control with low impact on crops

• Perfect ground following and penetration

• High working quality and even depth control

• Stimulating physico-chemical reactions and soil life

• Protecting soil moisture

For a comprehensive understanding of the Helios Rotary Hoe and Kverneland's dedication to sustainable farming, visit


Leonard Hovenden: Product Manager Arable – 00353 87 147 5137

Greg Tennyson: Area South - 00353 87 700 9689

Allan Hetherington: Area North – 0044 7826 544 630


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