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Kverneland iXtrack T4 Trailed Sprayer: Precision and efficient spraying for Ivan Curran at Broadleas Farms

Ivan Curran, who farms over 700 acres at Broadleas Farms in Stamullen, County Meath, found his perfect match with the Kverneland iXtrack T4 sprayer. Ivan grows potatoes, grain and rare cattle to finish in from calves. Potatoes are the main enterprise, the grain they grow for their own cattle and then sell it to a local merchant.

Considering various options for a new sprayer, Ivan's attention was drawn to Kverneland based on the recommendation and positive experiences with other Kverneland products on the farm such as his Kverneland Exacta Disc Spreader. After looking at the iXtrack T4, Ivan was convinced it was the right choice. In his own words, "I looked at a lot of sprayers around, and I liked the look of the Kverneland, and Armstrong’s are beside me and give good service….I liked the lock, I liked the boom system, and all around, it looked like a very good package so I went for the Kverneland, and I’m delighted I did."

The standout feature for Ivan was the aluminium booms, which he described as doing "a great job" – being light, strong, and stable during spraying. The practicality of being able to replace individual sections of the boom in case of accidents impressed him: "It's a good feature, touch wood now we didn't have any problem with it yet, but if you did, you wouldn't have to replace the whole boom, you can just replace individual sections."

Operating in challenging terrains, including hilly ground for potatoes and grain, Ivan emphasized the sprayer's stability: "With this, we found it's very, very stable. With its low centre of gravity, it does not go light on any side at all. Of any trailed sprayer I've had, it's by far the best lock with the least amount of damage turning in and out of your potatoes."

Addressing the need for efficiency on extensive daily roadwork, Andrew Tallan working the sprayer for Ivan, praised the sprayer's stability and speed on the road: "Suspension on the road is very good. You can hit top speed on most roads and in the field, it is very stable too. You can push on 14, 15 kilometres an hour. No problem at all."

Speaking on the nine-section GPS control system, Ivan highlighted the chemical savings and precision it offers during spraying: "When you're spraying, you're saving chemicals because you're not overlapping or wasting any chemicals. Especially with liquid fertilizer, you're not double overlapping and causing scorching on your crops. It’s a very good feature and works very very well"

Ivan expressed satisfaction with the sprayer's ground clearance, crucial for crops like potatoes: "The sprayer also has very good ground clearance, especially for potatoes, and its well up on the crop, so it's not dragging the crop down as you're driving along, keeping good clearance."

Summing up his experience with the Kverneland iXtrack T4, Ivan stated, "Up to now, I'm very happy with the performance of the sprayer. It's very operator-friendly. From a farm management point of view, the data current system is simple and easy to use."

For those considering a trailed sprayer, Ivan recommends exploring the capabilities of the Kverneland iXtrack T4, emphasizing its reliability, efficiency, and user-friendly features.


  • iXspray for a user friendly operation

  • Boom Guide: automatic boom height control system

  • iXclean Pro fully automatic valve management system

  • Plug and play with the IsoMatch Tellus GO+ or PRO

  • Connect your machine with IsoMatch FarmCentre

Click here to learn more about the Kverneland iXtrack T4 and explore its technical specifications.

You can also contact your local Kverneland dealer or contact Kverneland directly:

Leonard Hovenden: Product Manager Arable & Crop care – 00353 87 147 5137

Greg Tennyson: Area South - 00353 87 700 9689

Allan Hetherington: Area North – 0044 7826 544 630


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