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  • Electric Opel Astra Review | 400km+ of electric range

    This week we've been putting the electric Astra through its paces. When we first saw the new Astra come to the market, we were extremely impressed with how it drives, the styling and of course the tech. Now available with a full electric powertrain, it opens itself to a whole new segment on the market. Browse the Opel Astra Electric on DoneDeal Motors here

  • Serious Price Reduction For Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo

    News in from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Ireland has stated price reductions on its award-winning ID. Buzz Cargo that will save customers up to €24,000. Volkswagen’s zero-emission all-electric commercial vehicle, which was named Irish Van of the Year 2023, is now available from €48,495 after grants and €39,915 excluding VAT and including grants for commercial buyers. In addition, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Ireland, in conjunction with Volkswagen Financial Services, has introduced 0 per cent finance on selected models, making it easier than ever to switch to sustainable motoring for businesses. These price changes represent a significant reduction in retail price of the ID. Buzz Cargo and showcase Volkswagen’s commitment to lead the way in the migration of Ireland’s commercial vehicle fleet from diesel to electric power. The ID. Buzz Cargo offers modern mobility for almost every trade, even when longer distances are required.  It can travel up to 425km on a single charge. Three seats up front and a fixed partition separating occupants from the 3.9 m3 cargo space are among the distinctive features of this game-changing, zero emissions van.  Despite compact dimensions, it is capable of carrying two Euro pallets in the back, redefining commercial mobility by providing Ireland’s small and medium-sized businesses with the perfect fleet solution. Commenting on the recent price reduction, Paul Hunt, Brand Director for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Ireland, said: “We want to make it as easy as possible for Irish businesses to drive more sustainably. Designed from the ground up with innovative cargo space, an integrated workstation, and a host of driver assistance systems, the ID. Buzz Cargo makes for the perfect all-electric commercial vehicle.  And now with an ever more affordable ex. VAT price starting from €39,915 inclusive of grants, the ID. Buzz Cargo is the perfect vehicle for Irish commercial vehicles users to now seriously consider the move from diesel to electric power.” The ID. Buzz Cargo from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivers in many ways: not only goods and services for its users, but also in terms of safety. In tests by independent safety watchdog Euro NCAP, the ID. Buzz Cargo received a Platinum rating. The electric delivery van’s lane-keeping capabilities and occupant monitoring system distinguish it from other commercial vehicles. The ID. Buzz Cargo has a Blind Spot Assist system on board. In addition, thanks to a camera system and digital mapping, the vehicle reacts to oncoming traffic when turning and dynamically adapts its speed when driving. Overall, the ID. Buzz Cargo achieved a score of 83 per cent in the Safety Assist category thanks to its camera and radar systems. Built in Hannover, Germany, the ID. Buzz Cargo is offered as standard with three seats in the cab: the driver’s seat plus a double bench seat. If desired, buyers can specify a single seat for the front-seat passenger. Behind the seats, a fixed partition separating the passenger space from the cargo bay. This partition is optionally available with a window and/or an opening through which items can be loaded. The ID. Buzz Cargo is fitted with a wide-opening rear hatch and a sliding door on the passenger side. The van is optionally available with an additional sliding door on the driver’s side and with rear wing doors. Based on the Volkswagen Group’s Modular Electric Drive Matrix (MEB), the ID. Buzz Cargo sits on a state-of-the-art electric platform. The battery has a net energy capacity of 77 kWh (82 kWh gross), providing a range of up to 424km. Energy efficiency is from 22.2 to 20.4 kWh/100 km. Meanwhile, a charging capacity of 170Kw means charging from 5 per cent battery to 80 per cent can be achieved in just 30 minutes. At 1,951 mm in height, the ID. Buzz Cargo is ideal for urban life. Capable of using multi-storey car parks, it has a maximum payload of 648 kg. Loads can be secured via lashing rings in the floor and rails on the side walls. The ID. Buzz Cargo has up to five USB-C ports: one on the left on the instrument panel, two above the smart phone tray, one in the front-passenger door and another in combination with the rain sensor in the rear-view mirror mount. All USB-C ports (with the exception of the 15-watt one in the rear-view mirror mount) use the latest USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) charging standard. Depending on the device connected, they give a power output of up to 45 watts, enabling occupants to charge laptops, tablets, game consoles and phones three times as quickly as using conventional USB-C ports. Larger electrical items can be charged using an optional 230-volt socket housed within the frame of the front-passenger seat. Unlike in the case of vehicles with internal combustion engines, the 230-Volt connection in the electric ID. Buzz can also be used with the motor turned off. Use of sustainable materials was key to the ID. Buzz’s development. Leather has been replaced by materials of non-animal origin. The steering wheel rim is made of a synthetic material that looks as high in quality as leather and provides a similar feel. The materials used for some seat covers, floor coverings and for the roof liner include materials created from recycled products. For example, the SEAQUAL® yarn used in the interior consists of recycled PET bottles (90 per cent) and collected ocean plastics (10 per cent). ArtVelours seat covers are composed of 71 per cent recycled materials. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has set itself the objective in Europe of reducing the carbon footprint of all vehicles across their entire life cycle by 40 per cent by 2030 compared with 2018. The ID. Buzz Cargo plays a key role in this achieving this ambitious target. The ID. Buzz Cargo and its ID. Buzz stablemate created history in 2023 when they were the first vehicles to win Irish Van of the Year and Irish Car of the Year in a single year. Members of the Motoring Media Association of Ireland (MMAI) including DoneDeal's own Dave O'C and Justin Delaney voted the ID. Buzz their MPV of the Year 2023 in an unprecedented hattrick.

  • Buying a Used EV Advice

    The used car market on DoneDeal is constantly evolving and with the continued growth in electric mobility, we are naturally starting to see an influx of quality used electric vehicles coming to the forecourts. It would be remiss of us not to mention that not all used EV publicity has been kind, but what are the facts and what should you be aware of when searching for a used EV on DoneDeal. Here we look at 5 key considerations particularly surrounding the battery. Battery Health In the same way you would check the engine in a combustion powered vehicle, your first check on the EV should be the battery. This is the most critical and expensive component of an EV. Battery degradation over time affects the vehicle’s range and performance so it’s important to compare the current range to the original range specifications. Expect some loss, but significant degradation could indicate potential issues. Battery Warranty Check if the battery is still under warranty, as replacements can be expensive if the entire battery pack needs replacement. More often than not if there is an issue, it will just be individual cells or a battery module that needs replacing. Most manufacturers provide between a 5 and 8 year battery warranty which offers real peace of mind. Battery Life Ask for a battery health report which should result in the use of diagnostic tools to assess the battery capacity. Some electric vehicles have on board diagnostics in the same way that your mobile phone has for a health check, but others need an inspection by the approved dealers or battery health expert. Typical Degradation A lot of how a battery holds charge comes down to how it was treated in a past life. If the previous owner constantly fast charged the battery and didn’t maintain the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines, the battery could have suffered. Ensuring a good service history is vital and providing the vehicle was well maintained, you should see plenty of life in a used battery with degradation of only 2% to 3% annually. We put a call into a well known Dublin based Kia dealer and he revealed a 2021 EV6 with 100,000 kilometres, is typically showing 93% battery life remaining. All very positive! Overall Vehicle Condition Naturally a comprehensive inspection can reveal wear and tear or potential issues so aside from the battery health and service history, be sure to inspect for any damage, excessive wear, or rust, particularly in areas exposed to moisture. Test all electronic components in the cabin and make sure there is no excessive wear on the seats and touchpoint. A valid NCT is a must also and don’t be afraid to get a second opinion by a qualified mechanic/technician. Hopefully these pointers will aid you when searching for your first electric vehicle on DoneDeal. By thoroughly inspecting these aspects and understanding the vehicle's condition and costs, you can make a well-informed decision and be ready to enjoy the benefits of EV ownership.

  • Increased sales for AMAZONE in 2023

    Amazone have remained on course with their projected growth, having completed another financial year under challenging market conditions. The annual results for the agricultural and groundcare machinery manufacturer show an increase in sales of around 6%, following on from the 22 % increase they achieved in 2022. Amazone recorded exceptionally high global demand for modern agricultural machinery enabling it to increase production capacity in 2023. The consistent high export level of around 80 %, contributed to the positive development and it was for this reason that investment in the future continued last year. Production capacities in the facilities in Bramsche and Hude/ Altmoorhausen were expanded to secure reliability of supply, and the manufacturing techniques were modernised further to increase product quality. New markets, such as North America and South America, are becoming increasingly important. The opportunities and potential in these new geographical regions will expand Amazone’s global presence, enabling them to offer better support to customers worldwide. The Brazilian specialist for fertiliser spreaders MP AGRO became part of the Amazone Group in April of this year. The driving force for sales will be the expanded product range with innovative Amazone machinery, adapted to the soil type and climate in the various regions of the world. Keeping in mind the increasing extreme weather situations, Amazone are also researching and experimenting with new farming systems in order always to offer agriculture the latest technologies and crop establishment concepts for sustainable, high-yield farming. This research is carried out on their new agricultural experimental station in Wambergen, right next to the main factory in Hasbergen-Gaste, Also, the continuous development of Amazone’s existing product range, remains focussed. Recently the Precea trailed precision air seeder product group was increased with the addition of a 6 m working width model. This version is available optionally with either a central seed conveying system or a decentralised seed hopper on each sowing unit. The range of ploughs also now includes the new product models, Teres and Tyrok. They offer higher efficiency and adaptability, as well as the facility for ploughing either on land or in-furrow. Amazone is also pushing developments in the field of autonomy and artificial intelligence. AI-supported solutions have become an important constituent part of our product strategy. The Cirrus Grand trailed cultivator drill in 9 m working width stands for precise, flexible and high output use. The Cobra tine cultivator is the perfect all-rounder for shallow soil cultivation, from cover crop establishment and shallow stubble working through to seedbed preparation. The Centaya Super pneumatic harrow-mounted seed drill is the ideal solution in many areas of farming and offers a high level of operational comfort and maximum precision.

  • What To Look For When Buying A New or Used Family Car

    Buying a family car involves balancing safety, comfort, reliability, fuel efficiency, and cost. Our DoneDeal experts advise you to prioritise features based on your specific needs and lifestyle, and take the time to test drive and research each option. Here we take a look at some of the factors that come into play when making this decision. If you follow this simple check list, it will hopefully help you narrow the choices down to what could ultimately be, your new family car. What should you spend how will you determine your budget? Is a vehicle history report important and how do you obtain one? Should I get the vehicle professionally inspected or is it necessary? Is it important to check the bodywork thoroughly? What safety features should I be concerned about if any? How do you factor in the reliability of a car? Is ok to negotiate on the price listed? Should you compare multiple cars? Determine Your Budget Let’s kick off by understanding exactly what budget you have to spend. Don’t just include the purchase price of the vehicle but think more longer term by factoring in insurance, tax, and potential running costs. Will you need finance and if so, check between a number of providers to compare interest rates. Most reputable car dealers on DoneDeal will be able to offer you some form of finance but again, do the numbers. Vehicle History Report You keep hearing about vehicle history reports but what is this and how do you obtain such peace of mind on a used vehicle? Well DoneDeal has a built in Greenlight Verified Check on all cars listed online. It essentially marries the original ownership details with the logbook number to ascertain if the vehicle is what the seller says it is. A more comprehensive report can be purchased to check if the vehicle was imported, crash damaged, number of past owners or if it has outstanding finance. All essential for further peace of mind. Professional Inspection If you are not great under the bonnet it could be best to have a trusted mechanic inspect the car for any hidden issues. Take a test drive and pay attention to how the car drives and sounds. Listen for unusual noises and check the brakes, steering, and suspension where possible. It is always a good idea to seek a vehicle with a recent or long NCT certificate. Regular maintenance is a good indicator of a well-kept car. Check for records of oil changes, tire changes, and major services like timing belt replacement. Check The Bodywork Possibly not an issue on more modern vehicles but do look for rust, dents, scratches, and signs of repainting which might indicate past damage. Inside should get a thorough inspection also by checking the condition of the seats, dashboard, and electronics. Ensure all buttons and features work properly. A well kept interior is a good indication of how the past owners treated the vehicle. Safety Features As it will be a family car, it’s imperative to make sure the safety features stack up. For little ones in the back, does it have ISOFIX points for child seats? The more airbags the better and perhaps check to see how the car stood up in original safety tests in the NCAP test. Again having good brakes and tyres can also be considered a safety check. Anti-lock brakes (ABS), and electronic stability control (ESC) are essentially standard on all vehicles for some time, so be sure they are active with no warning lights on the dash. Factor in Reliability It’s a difficult one really but by researching reviews and reliability ratings online you should be able to better understand if the vehicle was plagued with issues or not. Check if the model has had any recalls and if they were addressed. It is not uncommon for a car to be recalled for minor upgrades including software but it’s worth checking to see if they were carried out! If you are thinking of buying fairly new, be sure to check out some of the latest car reviews on our YouTube Channel. Room for Negotiation Always be prepared to negotiate based on the car’s condition and any issues found during inspection. Depending on how new the car is, the dealer might not have much movement on the price but he might offer extra warranty or perhaps a little more on a trade in vehicle if you have one. Either way it's always nice to walk away from a deal feeling like you got a fair result. Compare Multiple Cars Don’t settle on the first car you see; compare several to get the best deal. Again we are looking at a family car here. Are you happy with a small hatchback? Do you need the boot size and height of a Crossover or SUV? Think of your overall needs and how you will use the car. Should it be petrol, diesel or perhaps electric? All these factors come into play but it really depends on your planned usage of the vehicle. Taking the time to thoroughly inspect and evaluate a new or used car on DoneDeal can save you from future headaches and expenses, ensuring you find a reliable vehicle that suits your family’s needs. One final thing, if something feels off, don’t hesitate to walk away. Trust your instincts!

  • Mazda Ireland Appoint New Brand Ambassador

    Mazda Ireland is delighted to announce collaboration with one of Ireland’s best-known TV/ Radio presenters and fashion designer Brendan Courtney. Brendan will be a Mazda Ireland ambassador and will have the chance to test drive various Mazda vehicles, experiencing the legendary fun to drive that they offer.  Mazda recognizes that Brendan’s stylish approach to all things design makes him the perfect collaborator. Mazda is well known for design and has won numerous awards around the world. The concentration on Kodo design (Soul of Motion) and Crafted in Japan heritage makes Mazda vehicles stand out from the crowd. With the new flagship model, the Mazda CX-80, which will be launched later this year in Ireland, the premium approach of the brand is even more clear and visible. The connection with this talented designer makes sense more than ever. “When we started talking with Brendan, we could immediately see that he was a perfect fit for Mazda. His understanding and approach to aesthetics, specifically design, is very similar to our Crafted in Japan legacy. Our focus on the hand-made and premium feel of our vehicles will be even more visible with the upcoming Mazda CX-80, which Brendan cannot wait to drive,” Peter Gannon, Commercial Sales Manager of Mazda Ireland said. Brendan Courtney is a household name in Ireland, having been a TV / Radio Presenter for 25 years.  He has run his own women’s fashion label, “Lennon Courtney”, since 2013 and exports world-wide. Brendan said of the collaboration, “The minute I turned the engine on I could feel that I was sitting in a masterpiece. I am blown away by the driving experience and fell totally in love with the stunning aesthetic and beautifully crafted design detail. I am so happy to be a part of the Mazda family.” John Perry, MD of Mazda Ireland, said, “We wanted Brendan to try more of our vehicles, as the Mazda range really has a bit of everything. As an introduction to the brand, the natural first choice was the Mazda MX-5. With this legendary roadster you get the ‘taste and feel’ of Mazda in the first minute of driving it.  And second obvious choice was the current flagship – the Mazda CX-60, the core of Crafted in Japan for me,” John added.

  • June Fuel Prices Drop Highlighted By The AA

    In June, petrol prices at the pump fell by 4 cents to an average of €1.79 per litre, while diesel prices decreased by 5 cents to €1.71 per litre. Crude oil prices are down and hovering around $83 per barrel this month. Electric vehicle owners can expect to pay an average of €946 per year to cover the national average of 17,000 km per year. Jennifer Kilduff, Head of Marketing & PR for the AA, said, “We saw a reduction in fuel prices this month. The early part of the year saw significant volatility in fuel prices mainly due to unplanned refinery outages in Europe and strikes on Russian refineries. Recently, reduced tensions and attacks have led to a softening of prices. Weaker demand in the US has resulted in high fuel stock levels amid increased production, and delays in interest rate cuts by US banks have also contributed to lower international fuel prices." Kilduff also highlighted, “The second reinstatement of excise duty is still set for August 1st, along with a carbon tax increase in October. We urge the government to reconsider this, as it has a direct impact on pump prices. However, AA customers can save 3c per litre on petrol and diesel and 6c per litre on milesPlus fuel at participating Circle K garages using the AA Ireland App. It is also worth noting that maintaining your vehicle and practicing smart driving can help improve overall fuel efficiency.”

  • ESB ecars Announce Price Decrease

    Good news for eletric car owners as the ESB have announced a planned price decrease across the public EV charging network in the Republic of Ireland, which will be effective immediately. This will see unit rates for High-Power (200kW) chargers reduce by 13%, Fast chargers reduce by 12% and Standard chargers reduce by 8%. Commenting on the price reduction, John Byrne, Head of eMobility at ESB, said: “We are pleased to announce a reduction of prices across our extensive EV public charging network. We are lowering our prices following reductions in wholesale energy costs while continuing to upgrade and improve our charging infrastructure across the country. We keep our prices under constant review and are committed to providing value to our customers with competitive prices.” ESB has installed 42 multi-vehicle, high-power charging hubs nationwide over the past two years and replaced over 300 chargers to increase the speed and capacity of the charging network. We now have over 1,600 public charge points in place across the country with an average reliability rate of 98%. What are the prices? Please see the table below for full view of the new prices: There is no change to the membership subscription. Contactless payments will be available on the high-power chargers from June 2024. The ESB are continuing to roll out this functionality on all fast chargers over the coming months. There will be no premium charged for using contactless on the network. Changes to overstay fee As 76% of a recent customer survey respondents support an overstay fee to reduce queuing, the ESB have listened to suggestions and have made some changes to the overstay fee to reflect the feedback revceived. The existing one-off overstay fee of €8 has been replaced by a more progressive, incremental fee to further encourage drivers to free up charge points for other drivers when finished charging. The new overstay fee structure is 50c/min and kicks in after 45 minutes on fast and high-power chargers and after 10 hours on our standard chargers. To ensure you are notified of when overstay fees would apply, drivers are encouraged to turn on notifications on the ESB ecar connect app. This will mean you will receive push notifications as a reminder overstay fee when you start your charge. Do drivers need to do anything? If you are already signed up to use ESB’s public EV charging network, you do not need to do anything – the new rates will be displayed on the ecar connect app and you can continue to charge as normal.  It is also worth noting that local parking enforcement is managed separately to ESB by local authorities. Please refer to local parking fee signage when charging to ensure you are compliant.

  • Tipperary Contractor Outpaces the Field with the Worlds Only Non-Stop Baler – The Kverneland FastBale

    Tipperary Contractor Outpaces the Field with the Worlds Only Non-Stop Baler – The Kverneland FastBale In Clogheen, South Tipperary, Thomas Moloney, alongside his father Jim, has been steering the family business through the evolving landscape of Irish agriculture for over six decades. A significant part of their success in recent years comes from their integration of innovative machinery, specifically the Kverneland FastBale. Link to video - Kverneland FastBale - Irish Contractor Outpaces the Field with the Worlds Only Non-Stop Baler (EN) ( A Trusted Choice for Irish Farmers The Moloneys' decision to choose Kverneland wasn't made lightly. With a rich history and solid reputation for reliability, coupled with robust dealer support and an excellent product team, Kverneland stands out in the market. "Kverneland, they're a well-renowned product. We've seen a lot of machines on the market for numerous years, and they've got good dealer backup and product support team," said Thomas. Initial Impressions and Continued Satisfaction The FastBale first caught the Moloneys' attention during a demonstration in 2017. Its performance was impressive enough to keep them interested until a subsequent demonstration in 2021, which highlighted significant improvements. The upgrades confirmed their decision to invest in the machine. "We were very impressed with the workings of the machine...and we're very happy with the machine performance,"  Thomas recalls about their decision-making process. Non-Stop Baling: A Game Changer One of the FastBale's most praised features is its non-stop baling system. This allows continuous operation without the need to stop and start, a godsend for productivity and efficiency. Thomas highlights, "the non-stop feature has to be the most beneficial part of the baler; it delivers a huge output throughout the day when you don't have to physically stop."  This not only saves significant time but also reduces fuel consumption and wear on the tractor. “Having used other manufacturers' machines over the last number of years, we like the performance of the FastBale. It's a big saving on fuel consumption, reduces a lot of wear and tear on the tractor as well; you're not breaking throughout the day. If you're doing maybe 400 bales a day, that's 400 times you don't have to brake with your tractor.”  Thomas stated. Quality and Compactness The Moloneys were also impressed by the density and quality of the bales produced by the FastBale. "It makes quite dense big bales. And the chop quality of the silage is very good also," Thomas points out. Furthermore, the compact design of the FastBale is particularly advantageous, making it easy to manoeuvre and transport, an essential factor for operations spread across diverse terrains. Ease of maintenance is another critical factor that has impressed the Moloneys. The FastBale features a design that allows easy access to the knife bank for quick and efficient maintenance. "The way you can pull out the knife bank to the side, it's quite easy to get at the knife when you need to sharpen them,” Superior Design and Functionality The FastBale isn't just about non-stop baling; it's about integrating multiple steps into a seamless operation. As described by John Doyle, Kverneland Group Ireland Product Manager, "FastBale represents two world firsts: it is currently the World’s only non-stop fixed chamber baler and secondly, it is the World’s only non-stop fixed chamber baler wrapper combination." John anticipates that the FastBale will be a game-changer this summer, especially with shorter windows for contractors. "As we face increasingly narrow timeframes for crucial farming tasks, such as baling, the FastBale's non-stop operation and efficiency will prove invaluable," Doyle predicts. "I believe this summer will showcase the FastBale's ability to maximize productivity during these critical periods, ultimately revolutionising the way farmers and contractors approach their work." The machine uses a clever layout with two bale chambers that allow continuous operation, from baling to wrapping, without interruption. This design not only speeds up the baling process but also ensures the high quality of each bale. Reflecting on the unmatched performance of the Kverneland FastBale compared to other balers, Thomas emphasised the unique qualities that set it apart in the field. "In terms of comparing the baler to other manufacturers, we've found it incredibly reliable throughout the two seasons that we've had it. We're very impressed with the productivity of the machine, but honestly, there is no real comparison. There is no other baler on the market with this level of compactness and with a non-stop feature. Over the last years, we've literally had no problems with the machine, and we're very impressed with the build quality." Environmental and Operational Benefits From an environmental perspective, FastBale's film on film option provides improved silage quality and simpler recycling of plastic waste. Operational benefits are equally impressive, with reduced time spent on bale wrapping and a gentle bale discharge system that minimizes the risk of bales rolling away on sloping lands. A Positive Impact on Moloney Agri Contracting Business Reflecting on the overall impact of the FastBale on their operations, Thomas concludes, "the FastBale had a positive impact on our business. It just increased productivity a huge deal, and even from an operator's point of view, it's a nice baler to operate. It's very simple; there's no stopping and starting during the day." For other farmers and contractors considering their options, Thomas doesn’t hesitate to recommend the FastBale. "We definitely recommend the FastBale to any other farmers and contractors; we've been working there for two seasons with literally no problems, and we're very impressed by the build quality and performance of the machine." As Irish agriculture continues to evolve, tools like the Kverneland FastBale are proving indispensable for farmers looking to increase efficiency and productivity. The Moloneys' experience is a testament to how adopting innovative technologies can lead to significant improvements in both operations and outcomes. Contact Kverneland: John Doyle, Product Manager Harvest: 00353 87 101 3053 Greg Tennyson, Area South: 00353 87 700 9689 Allan Hetherington, Area North: 0044 7826 544 630 Click here for information on the FastBale Click here to find your local Kverneland Dealer Website:

  • Opel Commercials Selling Strong!

    Opel has announced pricing and equipment for its new generation of light commercial vehicles, as the vehicles land in Irish showrooms from this June. Flexible, strong, ultra-modern and distinctive, each of the trio features a striking new exterior styling and a redesigned cockpit, and each is loaded with enhanced safety equipment as standard. Available in both diesel and all-electric, Opel has launched the new range with a low-cost finance rate of 4.9% APR Hire Purchase, plus 5-year warranty, delivering the perfect partner for your business from just €380 per month. James Brooks, Opel Ireland Managing Director said: “Year to date, Opel LCV registrations have seen a major uplift of 53% in Ireland, winning an 8.2% market share and maintaining 5th place in the marketplace. Now, armed with our new light commercial vehicle range that benefits from significant styling updates and much-enhanced safety equipment added as standard, we look forward with confidence to welcoming more new customers to the German brand.” The compact new Opel Combo is available in Komfort and Sportive trims, in two lengths (L1 and L2), and boasts a maximum load length of 3.4m, a load volume of up to 4.4m3 and payload of up to 1000kg. The Combo Komfort level one trim, L1H1 1.5 turbo diesel 100hp, retails from €26,495 plus delivery. Standard equipment includes cruise control, traffic sign recognition, lane keep assist, driver attention alert, intelligent speed assist, auto emergency braking, rear parking sensors, six airbags, smartphone station with voice recognition, 2 USB ports, spare wheel, aircon, solid bulkhead with trapdoor, automatic high beam assist. The level two Combo Sportive trim, retailing from €28,895 plus delivery, gains a 10” touchscreen, a 10” multi-colour driver information screen, Matrix LED headlamps, 180-degree rear view camera, body-coloured bumpers, body coloured door handles, and body coloured rail covering and moulding. The medium-sized new Opel Vivaro is available in Komfort and Sportive trims, and in two lengths, offering a voluminous cargo area with a maximum load length of 4m, load volumes of up to 6.6m3 and payload up to 1,400kg. The Vivaro Komfort L1H11.5 turbo diesel 120hp, retails from €35,995 plus delivery. Standard equipment includes cruise control and speed limiter, traffic sign recognition, lane keep assist, driver attention alert, intelligent speed assist, advanced emergency braking, rear parking sensors, rain sensing front wipers, automatic high beam assist, solid bulkhead, a 10” touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, 2 x USB C type ports, a 10” multi-colour driver information screen, aircon, 16” wheels and spare wheel. The level two Vivaro Sportive trim, retailing from €37,995 plus delivery, boasts 17” wheels with full-size covers, uplevel front grille, body coloured door handles, body coloured power folding electric and heated door mirrors, body coloured front and rear bumpers, front fog lamps, and 180-degree rear view camera. The large new Opel Movano is available in Komfort trim, in panel van body type offering three length and three height variants, and a chassis cab body type. The Movano offers a payload of up to 2 tonnes and towing capacity of up to 3 tonnes, with a load volume of up to 17m3 (5 Euro pallets).  The Movano Panel Van Komfort model retails from €38,295 plus delivery. Standard equipment includes cruise control and speed limiter, traffic sign recognition, lane keep assist, driver attention alert, intelligent speed assist, advanced emergency braking, passenger airbag, rear parking sensors, full steel bulkhead, USB port, DAB radio with 5” colour screen, manual aircon, 16” wheels and spare wheel. Battery-electric versions of the trio will continue to offer class-leading driving ranges, with the new Movano Electric covering up to 420km on a single charge (WLTP). This is made possible by state-of-the-art battery technologies and improvements such as increased drive efficiency. The new Combo Electric, Vivaro Electric and Movano Electric also continue to offer the full operational capability of their counterparts with internal combustion engines. Equipped to handle even the most demanding tasks of everyday work, the new Combo and Vivaro models are currently arriving in Opel Dealer forecourts nationwide and will be followed by the new Movano in the coming weeks.

  • Kverneland's 85156 C: A Closer Look At The 15.6m High Capacity Tedder

    Kverneland has recently introduced the 85156 C Trailed ProLine tedder to the Irish market, a piece of machinery designed to enhance productivity and efficiency for farmers and machinery contractors. With a working width of 15.6 meters and equipped with 14 rotors, this tedder is tailored to improve the handling of all crop types, ensuring high output and excellent crop quality. Designed for High Output The 85156 C tedder is engineered with intensive usage in mind. Its small diameter rotors are crafted for optimal crop turning, providing an efficient pick-up and uniform distribution over the entire working width. This design ensures that crops are turned efficiently and evenly, even under almost any condition. Ground Following Innovation One of the standout features of the 85156 C is its TerraFlow system, a ground following solution that allows each rotor to accurately adapt to ground contours. This innovation ensures consistent tine distance to the ground across the tedder's full working width, resulting in clean, precise work and a uniform crop flow. John Doyle, Product Manager at Kverneland, commented on the importance of this feature: "The TerraFlow system represents a significant advancement in tedder technology. By ensuring each rotor precisely follows the ground contours, we're able to guarantee a uniform crop flow and forage quality that our customers can rely on, even in challenging field conditions." User-Friendly Operation and Maintenance Recognising the importance of minimising downtime, the 85156 C has been designed for ease of operation and maintenance. It requires only a single acting valve ram for raising and lowering, and a double action valve ram for folding, making it compatible with most tractors. The tedder also features a transport width of less than 3 meters, allowing for easy road transport. Additional Features for Enhanced Performance The tedder comes fitted with generous 380/55-17 tires, offering stability and good ground protection. An option for 500/50-17 tires is also available. Furthermore, the hydraulic activated swath board efficiently keeps the crop within the working width when tedding along borderlines, highlighting Kverneland's attention to detail in enhancing machine performance. A Reliable Solution for Irish Agriculture The introduction of the 85156 C tedder by Kverneland is a response to the needs of the agricultural community in Ireland, offering a reliable solution designed to boost productivity and crop quality. With features like the TerraFlow system and its maintenance-friendly design, this tedder is poised to become a go-to tool for farmers and contractors looking to streamline their operations. Kverneland continues to demonstrate its commitment to the agricultural industry through innovations that address the real-world challenges faced by farmers today. The 85156 C tedder is a testament to this commitment, offering a blend of performance, reliability, and efficiency that is sure to meet the needs of Irish agriculture. Kverneland's 85134 C tedder, with a working width of 13.4 meters and equipped with 12 rotors, is also available to the Irish market. Standard Warranty for Peace of Mind All Kverneland equipment comes with a standard 2-year warranty, offering peace of mind to farmers and contractors. This commitment to quality and reliability ensures that users can depend on their Kverneland machinery for consistent performance and longevity. Supporting Irish Farmers and Contractors Conor Vaughan, from Kverneland Group Ireland, emphasises the company's dedication to assisting Irish farmers and contractors with their agricultural needs through the 0% finance offer covering 100% of the VAT inclusive selling price. "Our aim at Kverneland Group Ireland is to empower Irish farmers and contractors by providing accessible financial solutions,"  he states. "This initiative reflects our commitment to supporting the agricultural community in Ireland, ensuring they have access to cutting-edge equipment without the financial burden." Click here for more info on the finance packages. Contact Kverneland: John Doyle, Product Manager Harvest: 00353 87 101 3053 Greg Tennyson, Area South: 00353 87 700 9689 Allan Hetherington, Area North: 0044 7826 544 630 Click here for information on Kverneland Tedders Click here to find your local Kverneland Dealer Website:

  • Fiat Grande Panda On The Way!

    FIAT reveals the first pictures of the new Grande Panda, the firstborn of the new family inspired by the 1980s Panda, a compact family mover which responds to the needs of customers worldwide. The new Fiat Grande Panda is the first model of the new global line-up based on a multi-energy platform, as FIAT starts its transition from local-based production to a global offer through a common global platform. The Grande Panda will first land in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and will be available in both electric and hybrid versions. A B-segment vehicle under 4 metres long, with clean lines, well-organised roominess thanks to its compact volume, and a 5-person capacity, the Grande Panda is perfect both for family comfort and today’s urban mobility. With more than a century’s worth of history, FIAT is one of the oldest operating automobile manufacturers and a truly global brand which is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. FIAT's history is dotted with achievements, records, leadership, and a global reach, with the brand always keeping its customers in mind. On the year of its important anniversary, FIAT is introducing the new Grande Panda and providing its clients all over the world with a new global model which is ideal for families and the contemporary urban environment. Olivier Francois, FIAT CEO and Stellantis Global CMO, stated: “The best way to celebrate FIAT's 125 years is to start writing the first pages of our future, starting with the new Grande Panda. Designed in Turin, Italy by our Centro Stile, FIAT’s new creation embodies its forerunner’s values. This compact car is based on a global platform, giving the Brand the opportunity to expand its global reach. With the Grande Panda, FIAT now begins its transition to global common platforms that cover all regions of the world, passing on the resulting benefits to its customers worldwide. In fact, the Grande Panda is perfectly suited for families and urban mobility in every country... a real FIAT!” The Grande Panda is the first new product in the family and will be followed by the launch of a new vehicle every year until 2027. The new set of models has been designed to conquer the streets of the world and complete the brand’s line-up. FIAT’s innovative project is to manufacture vehicles on the same global and multi-energy Smart platform, which works in every region in the world, allowing the brand to create many different vehicles and respond to customers’ needs worldwide. Fiat Grande Panda: designed in Italy for the world Designed in Italy at the Centro Stile in Turin, the Fiat Grande Panda stands out from the other B-segment vehicles for its unique compactness at just 3.99-metres long — below the 4.06 m segment average — and features clean lines and well-organised roominess thanks to its compact volume. The new FIAT model can carry five people and is perfect for comfortable family living and contemporary urban mobility. With the objective of conveying strength and uniqueness, the volume appears robust and structured. The wedge-shaped and dynamic design of the body is generated by its pronounced profile lines. The Grande Panda has been conceived to project the Brand into the future with an innovative and smart use of the space, a cool personality and surprising features. The new Fiat Grande Panda comes with a special exterior look with a subtle combination of structured lines and soft and bold surfaces that emphasise the robust wheel arches. In addition, the new Fiat Grande Panda’s “Italianness” becomes immediately apparent through its iconic and ironic Italian design which is synonymous with beauty. The compact family mover comes with bright body colours, one of which will be yellow. The front features a compact volume with a distinctive new personality. Precise orthogonal lines envelop a progressive square mesh arrangement that creates a strong, sleek look, generating a punctuation of pixels from the centre of the glossy black upper grille to the headlights. The presence of a skid plate in the lower central part of the bumper contributes to emphasising a UV attitude, while the headlamps, made up of opal cubes, reflect the windows on the façades of the Lingotto factory. Moreover, alongside the unique light signature, the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) turn into indicators and illuminate some of the cubes which appear as horizontal pixels arranged in a chessboard pattern. On the sides, the Fiat Grande Panda’s silhouette calls back to the strength of the Panda from the 80s, with its undisputable, self-confident allure provided by the dynamic passenger compartment and greenhouse. The wedge-shaped attitude of the bodywork and cabin is well-defined and enhanced even more by the sloping roof racks, which move from the top towards the rear end. In homage to the classic Panda 4x4, the Panda letters are surprising: printed with three dimensional in bas-relief on the doors, they reflect the surrounding environment and animate the lower part of the side. Furthermore, the unmistakable inclination of the angular ratio with the vertical volume of the rear is reproduced by the robust “C” pillar. To generate a lenticular effect, a black square badge is connected to the graphics of the greenhouse, creating a striking effect in which the four FIAT letters turn into four bars which walk around the vehicle. The rear features a bold character as well thanks to its prominent wheel arches, the inclination of the windows, the overall layout of the rear window, headlights, and skids which confer the Fiat Grande Panda with a protective and stable appearance and robust ground solidity. The volume is increased thanks to the integration of a glossy black bezel with the three-dimensional letters of Panda—a design homage to the original Panda. Finally, to maintain theme of 80s geometries combined with a futuristic style, the 17" diamond-cut alloy wheels are amplified by a captivating, stylised X design. With a special and new design language, the Fiat Grande Panda is shaping the future now. It is part of the Brand’s quest to provide customers all over the world with a unique car that expresses all its values through its distinctive design.

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